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Motherhood: First times with @Petiteandbold


Behind the Instagram account of @Petiteandbold is Josiane Konaté, content creator and founder of @lataneskincare. In addition to these various roles and responsibilities, Josiane and her husband are staying busy with their three children: Lukas (9 years old), Levi (2 1/2 years old) and Imani (8 months old).

We wanted to know more about her first experiences as a mother: between projections, apprehensions and reality, Josiane confides to us in all sincerity her first moments.

1. Your first memory related to motherhood

A big rush of emotions ... but especially the feeling of overflowing love (to the point of physically feeling a pressure on your chest). Yes, that's it, a love without limits.

2. Your first day at home

I was lucky enough to have my mom with me for my first two deliveries, great friends for the last one and most importantly a very present husband who literally took care of everything.

Having my mother with me changed everything. Cooking, cleaning, etc ... I didn't have to worry about anything. So all my attention was focused on my baby and ME too. Just taking my shower every morning and doing a quick skin care routine ( while baby is with grandma or dad) had such a positive impact on my mind.

3. Your first night

Anxious! We have this visceral ( and probably very justified ) fear that something might happen to our baby. Getting up every 30 minutes to check that he/she is still breathing, touching his/her chest etc. Breastfeeding for me has always been good, I have an incredible experience with my 3 children and I am grateful for it. However, I must admit that waking up every 2-3 hours (and often less) has a big impact on your mood. SLEEP is life when you become a parent.

       4. The first solid meal

I have photos and videos of my 3 children's first solid meals because I felt this was a moment to document. I wasn't stressed at all and was looking forward to seeing how each child would behave when trying a solid meal for the first time. So I was prepared every time: bibs, utensils, plates, little bowls!
I think the key when starting solids with kids is to introduce flavors and textures gradually.

       5. The first piece of advice you would give to a mom

No one can prepare you for all the emotions you will experience. Be gentle with yourself, forgive yourself, do your best, ask for help.

Finally, can you share with us your favorite products, the ones that have been useful, comforting, pleasant for you and your babies?

  • A baby carrier, I really like my Sakura Bloom

  • A night light with a soft light, I have one from Konges Slojd (for night feeds it's a game changer)

  • For the meals : Elhée bottles, Mushie spoon, Liewood cup

  • The Stokke bath ( incredible ! )

  • A sleeping bag so practical to keep baby warm and to change him / her quite easily at night.

  • I really like the sleep bags from Pehr

  • A quality nursing support, it makes a big difference, I really liked the ones from Bravado.

  • I love the Matty changer of Leander


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