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Our story

  After launching in France in November of 2020, Jourès has come across the pond! 🇨🇦
Jourès is all about family. It started with two sisters, Sophie and Aurélie. Two visionary entrepreneurs, business partners, dedicated women and busy moms. The Sauthier sisters and their team worked hard to create this fun and unique concept store.
Jourès is a reflection of their values: a practical, user-friendly and fuss-free website, made especially for parents who are overwhelmed by their duties and juggling with responsibilities on a daily basis. The platform makes online shopping a child's play! You can find a multitude of brands dedicated to children and loved by adults, all under the same roof. It's a haven for parents to browse, get inspired and find the rare gem to stimulate, cuddle or dress your little ones.

Jourès is more than an online store: it's also a community that promotes cooperation and sharing, free of judgment. We warmly welcome parents from all backgrounds!

At Jourès, we choose fun over hassle, and instead leave room for discovery! As a result, the platform is friendly and pleasant, with a playful tone, and the findings you'll make are unmatched.

Jourès celebrates childhood in all its authenticity: through joy and sadness, happy tears and worries, we want you to feel at home! Jourès is a welcoming virtual destination with an inclusive, vibrant and engaged community.

Jourès sources its premium brands from all over the world. The selection is carefully made, with a focus on quality, diversity and inclusiveness. Far from being boring, the products sold on are eclectic, affordable, fashion-forward and, in a way, unique.

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