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Puzzles, Memory Games & Magnets

Welcome to! Are you looking for some fun and exciting activities to keep your little ones entertained? Then look no further, as we have a fantastic selection of puzzles, memory games, and magnets which are perfect for babies and toddlers!

Puzzles are an excellent way of developing problem-solving skills in young ones as they explore shapes, colors, and sizes. With our range from Liewood, Vilac, and Wee Gallery, your child can create beautiful images of animals or special places that will get their imagination running wild! Whether your child loves animals or the great outdoors - there are puzzles here for everyone to enjoy.

Memory games are perfect for stimulating your child's mind with an educational twist. Have them remember patterns or match different objects together to help them form important connections between images and develop their knowledge bank! Our collection from Kiko, Liewood, and Wee Gallery is sure to provide plenty of challenge and hours of fun.

If you're looking for something a bit more creative then why not check out our selection of magnets? Your little one can create beautiful patterns on metal surfaces - it's a great way of improving motor skills while having lots of fun at the same time! We have magnets in all sorts of shapes and sizes from Londji and Vilac, so you can be sure that your toddler's creative side is well catered for here at!

Aside from being lots of fun these puzzles, memory games, and magnets also offer other benefits too. They nurture problem-solving skills in young ones as well as helping them form important connections between images which boosts their knowledge base. They also help improve motor skills at an early age through manipulating the pieces - this helps lay the foundations for future development such as handwriting!

So if you're interested in giving your toddler a head start then why not take a look at our range here at We've carefully selected each item from top brands such as Kiko, Liewood, and Wee Gallery so you can guarantee quality with every purchase. With you know that you're getting only the best quality products so why not take a look around today?

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