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Studio Noos

Studio Noos is a new fashion brand specializing in stylish and affordable handbags, backpacks, pouches and diaper bags for moms and kids. The company was founded because the founders realized there was a lack of stylish and well-made mom-and diaper bags on the market. Studio Noos strives to fill that void with beautiful and practical bags perfect for everyday use.

All of the products from Studio Noos are handmade with high-quality materials. The bags are also affordable, which makes them perfect for busy & stylish moms on a budget. Some features that you'll find in some Studio Noos bags include multiple pockets, sturdy construction, and stylish designs.

The products from Studio Noos are available in Canada at If you're looking for a stylish and affordable bag that can handle everything that your busy mom's life throws your way, then be sure to check out Studio Noos!

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