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The Élhée brand celebrates roundness: that of the mother's belly and of the nourishing breast, but also that of the parents' arms which embrace their newborns and that of the latter's wide eyes. All round, ergonomic and let's face it too, resolutely cute, the BibRond (as it is nicknamed) has it all!

Instead of plastic materials potentially harmful to health and damaging to the environment, the creator of the brand - Allison Piraud - preferred medical grade silicone, non-allergenic and satin to the touch. It has also equipped the nipple of the Élhée bottles with an anti-colic mechanism, which reduces the absorption of air with each feeding and thus promotes better digestion of the infant. The brand thus transforms the bottle feeding time into a moment of parent-child complicity, imbued with emotion and/or offers the smoothest transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

The entire baby bottle collection and colors are available in Canada & US at 

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