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Banwood is a family-owned company based in Berlin, Germany, with a passion for creating high quality cycling products for children. They value safety, high product quality and timeless design. Time has changed the way children play; however, the way children learn and develop remains the same. They create amazing balance bikes and scooters for toddler between 3 and 5 years old.


BIBS was born in Denmark in the 1970s. The premium brand has made pacifiers its specialty. Over the decades, BIBS has never ceased to innovate and refine its pacifiers, in terms of form, composition and design. Since its inception, BIBS has spared no efforts to design the best baby products there are, in top quality materials. Functional and safe, all products that bear this stamp are as beautiful to look at as they are good to chew on. BIBS pacifiers are even available in a wide range of shades, to please all the tastes and desires of parents (and of course their children). Designed and manufactured on Danish soil, BIBS pacifiers are a means of expression for fashionable babies!


Candylab Toys wanted to design the best wooden toys on the market. And this is mission accomplished for the American brand, whose creations shine through their impeccable manufacturing ethics, their clean design and their great looks. The key words of Candylab are the quality of the objects and the satisfaction of the customers. No wonder that at the head of the company are not only designers and engineers, but also - and above all - parents concerned with the happiness and development of their children. By bringing Candylab Toys products to life, they are having fun and it shows: their toys are imbued with humor and friendly references, which appeal to young and old alike (who like to collect them) . Note: the manufacturing processes dear to Candylab Toys give pride of place to natural materials, modernity and durability.


Caribou is a Montreal based design studio that creates and designs clothes, toys and various accessories for the whole family. Their designs are based on strong principles regarding eco-responsibility, fair trade, functionality and longevity. No detail is left to chance, from the conception to the realization of their products. Caribou is above all based on thoughtful and well-designed products.

Charlie Crane

Charlie Crane is a Paris-based maker of baby and children’s furniture. Founded in 2013 by Thomas Lépine, its ambition is to create beautiful and stylish furniture that infuses adult codes into the child’s world and blurs the boundaries of rooms in our current interiors. With Charlie Crane creations, parents are proud to display their children’s furniture throughout the house. For the past few seasons, Charlie Crane has been collaborating with third party textile companies to mix influences. These include Little Cabari, My Moumout, Le Petit Lucas du Tertre and Milinane.

Colour Me Kids

Their amazing products encourage expression of individuality, uniqueness and self-love. A first step into teaching kids about diversity!


Cóndor is a Spanish brand that have been making children's socks and tights since 1898. They create elegant socks, accessories and knitted sets for the most sophisticated looks!

Dough Parlour

The Dough Parlour is a Canadian brand that offers safe, non-toxic modelling dough made with natural ingredients. They only use food ingredients because if the dough is safe enough to eat, it is safe enough to play with!

Dr. Kid

The Portuguese brand Dr. Kid draws its inspiration from the magical world of children, different cultures and nature. Their adorable and timeless creations combine modernity and elegance. Find everything you're looking for for newborns, from essentials to cute outfits for the most special days!

Eco Birdy

Eco Birdy is a sustainable furniture brand that creates beautiful design pieces from used toys, designed for toddlers and grown-ups. Every beautiful piece of furniture is made with recycled plastic in Belgium and Italy. You can finally own one of the iconic Charlie Chair or the Luisa Table.


The Élhée brand celebrates roundness: that of the mother's belly and of the nourishing breast, but also that of the parents' arms which embrace their newborns and that of the latter's wide eyes. All round, ergonomic and let's face it too, resolutely cute, the BibRond (as it is nicknamed) has it all! Instead of plastic materials potentially harmful to health and damaging to the environment, the creator of the brand - Allison Piraud - preferred medical grade silicone, non-allergenic and satin to the touch. It has also equipped the nipple of the Élhée bottles with an anti-colic mechanism, which reduces the absorption of air with each feeding and thus promotes better digestion of the infant. The brand thus transforms the bottle feeding time into a moment of parent-child complicity, imbued with gentleness and happiness.


In Norse mythology, the goddess Frigg is associated with foresight and wisdom, so it’s no wonder that she’s also the goddess of mothers. A loving, nurturing deity, she cherished her children and sought to protect them at all costs. Inspired by both her stories and the elegance of Scandinavian design, FRIGG was created. FRIGG is line of Danish-crafted baby products made to fit seamlessly and stylishly into your daily lives. All of their products are designed with safety and beauty in mind and are intended to promote health and wellness for babies. With clean lines, warm colors, and non-toxic materials, we hope those products can bring peace and beauty to your growing family.


Fluf makes lunch bags, snack bags, and other bags – simple, useful bags that look good, and feel good to use. They’re sustainable, always machine washable, and designed to make your life easier.


Goober is a young Korean brand inspired by drawing and creative activities. The brand designs and manufactures children's pencils from natural bean wax and non-toxic ingredients. The shapes are fun, colorful and unique!


A group of tired moms got together because they cared, a lot, about how their babies were sleeping - and they weren't so happy with the baby sleepwear out there. so, they launched gunamuna: a women-owned, moms-come-first company centered around fixing things themselves. The moms are passionate about comfortable, cozy, and safe products that make life easier. They think that changing a diaper should be the easiest part of any parent's day. and, that getting a good night's sleep shouldn't be a challenge, for parents or their babies. every product they make is all about comfort-induced sleep, making diaper changes easy, and keeping baby warm & cozy.


Haakaa is a New Zealand family owned baby brand that provides parents with safe, natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly baby products. Find everything you need for breastfeeding, bottles, teats, breast pumps, colostrum collector. The range is huge and completely revolutionary!


Jeujura is a company born in 1911 in Champagnole in the Jura region of France. It attaches great importance to the quality of its manufacture and to its compliance with various safety and environmental standards. They use maritime pine wood, from French forests exploited in a sustainable manner. They use water-based colors without the release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to color all the wooden parts of their toys.


The story behind Jollein is the story of family love. Jollein was not conceived by a bunch of clever marketers, but originated from a traditional Dutch family. All their products are still designed and made every day with the same family love. This is Jollein's secret ingredient. 

kiko+ & gg*

In January 2011, a talented Japanese designer named Kaz launched her solo project, kiko+ & gg* in Paris. kiko+ & gg* is committed to using only natural materials, such as FSC certified wood, to make its quality toys. kiko+ & gg* toys are simple yet beautifully designed, putting a smile on children and adults alike with their unique and retro touches. Focusing on matte finishes and a range of five funky colors, kiko+ & gg* toys will bring out the kid in you and bring pure joy to your home.

Konges Sløjd

The Danish brand makes quality, simplicity and functionality its key concepts. In the purest Scandinavian tradition, Konges Sløjd creations are stylish while remaining refined, which makes them timeless pieces to which parents and children will remain attached for many years. Since its creation in 2014, the Danish label has made its reputation by taking care of every little detail of its production, whether it is bed linen, accessories, soft toys or childcare items. Tasteful and of high quality, Konges Sløjd products rely on touching prints, materials and colors, which discover the daily life of young and old, soft, magical and charming. Honorable mention to the ethical principles dear to the brand: environment.

La Petite Leonne

La petite Leonne is a Montreal-based company that makes essentials for modern families. Their creations are gentle on the environment and designed to last, in addition to being assembled in Montreal by trusted seamstresses with whom the brand has collaborated since its inception. La Petite Leonne was born out of a desire to provide a better world for our children and the brand works hard to produce in the cleanest and most caring way possible. It involves slow production, dyes with plants, and hand assembly. Marie, the founder, imagined La petite Leonne when her daughter was born. Anxious to find non-toxic products for her young family, she imagined high-end and sustainable products that would be entirely dyed with plants. It quickly became a passion and the first collection launched in December 2018.


Matty™ changing products revolutionise our way of thinking about changing stations. The mat is made of soft PUR foam that gives your child a feeling of skin-to-skin contact when lying on it. It is completely unique. It has a classic and functional design that makes it both timeless and durable. Many changing mats break after some time. But the Matty™ changing mat is almost impossible to wear out. It gives you a changing mat that can follow all of your children.

Le Biberon Français

Le Biberon Français is a family business 100% made in France. It started with a father who wanted to make his wife's life easier by creating locally made, high quality, aesthetic and recyclable baby bottles... As the saying goes: "Impossible is not French!" From designer baby bottles to ergonomic pacifiers, the products range is absolutely stunning, with a touch of the French "je ne sais quoi."

Les Petites Dates

Les Petites Dates designs posters with passion, from the beautiful region of Brittany, France. Their posters are sold with a stamp and ink to mark all the beautiful moments of children's lives, from 0 to 10 years old. First steps, first trip, first ice cream, first full night of sleep, the encounter with an ant, a jellyfish, a seagull. Every small milestones in the life of a child to remember can now be kept forever. A nice gift to offer or to treat yourself for a birth or a birthday.


Based in Copenhagen, Liewood was started in 2015 by a mom named Anne Marie Lie Nielsen. The brand works to make life easier for modern families while also putting an emphasis on the aesthetics aspect of its items. Its creations are imbued with purity and simplicity, as the Nordic tradition demands. With sober and contemporary lines, the design of Liewood is neat and well thought out. The brand skillfully juggles beauty and utility: its products are practical yet beautiful. In the spotlight: delicate prints, quality materials, a design filled with personality and ethical working practices. Liewood products meet a high standard of quality and safety, and their manufacturing process is carried out with the greatest respect for Mother Nature.

Little Bot

Little Bot Baby started back in 2016 in Calgary. It was originally supposed to be a side project out of the creator’s passion for baby products and business in general and they never imagined that their latest play mat collection (aka the Ofie mat™) would be a total a hit in the parenting market. A good play mat must be right in two aspects: quality and style. In making Ofie mat, they sought to offer the very best foam mat they could possibly make.  This required testing pretty much everything out there tas well as collecting a lot of feedbacks from customers.A play mat is a visual thing. It plays a role in home decor (nursery room, play room and maybe living room). Ofie mats are neutrally designed inspired by Scandinavian artworks.Their greyish undertones are comforting and neutral.

Little People Big Dreams

Discover the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream. Told as a story, with a facts and photos section at the back, this sweet series for kids celebrates triumph over adversity through some of history’s favorite characters. Now with more than 3.9 million copies sold worldwide, the series continues to grow and expand, introducing children around the world to artists, trailblazers, and dreamers who each made a big impact in the world around them.


Londji is not only a beautiful fishing village in the far away land of Cameroun, it is also a project born in Barcelona in 2004, that brings together the world of art, games and toys. At Londji, toys are created with great care and using the best materials, respecting the working conditions, generating wealth in their environment, and being respectful with our planet. The design and manufacture of toys is all done in house between the offices of Barcelona the factory located in Porqueres (Banyoles).


Lubulona is a kids lifestyle brand, that was launched in November 2017 in Barcelona. Aim is to design and manufacture stylish kids’ products, using eco-friendly and high quality materials. Lubulona products are characterised by their minimalist, yet playful style and are both functional as well as decorative. The product range includes modern wooden toys and colourful prints on wood. All products are designed in Barcelona and are manufactured entirely in Europe with the intention of keeping the environmental impact to a minimum and focusing on fair and local production.

Meri Meri

If you're looking for party supplies with an edge of sophistication and fun, Meri Meri is the brand for you. Meri Meri was founded in 1985 by Meredithe Stuart-Smith, and has been providing unique and playful partyware ever since. The brand offers an extensive range of products, from tableware to decorations to gifts for kids.

You can find everything you need to host a stylish party that your guests will love. And because sustainability is important to Meri Meri, the brand also offers a range of sustainable party supplies. What's more, all of Meri Meri's products are made with love and care in the UK, so you can be sure that you're getting high-quality products that are made to last.


Minika offers simple and elegant designs that are unique and timeless. Discover their collection of mini dinnerware, pacifier clips, teething toys and stacking towers. Spoil your kiddos with quality products and support a local business!


MINNA is a brand that was born out of a love to create beautiful as well as functional items for the home that kids and parents will both appreciate and enjoy. In all of our favourite muted and modern tones, these simple but playful designs bring a fresh and elevated Nordic essence of timeless and minimalist tableware. Female founded in Montreal.

Moka Toutou

Imagine falling asleep every night to the soft and soothing sounds of violin, cello and piano! Moka is proud to offer children music that is 100% composed, performed and recorded in Quebec, Canada. Several studies have shown that classical music is the best type of music for babies. It improves their cognitive development in many positive ways: it helps them sleep better, reduces stress, increases concentration and much more!


MINI A TURE is a brand from Copenhagen that has been around since 2002, making amazing clothes for kids from 0 to 12 years old. From outerwear to bathing suits, there is something for everyone. They use recycled materials and no harmful products in the making of their clothes.


Must Be Baby specializes in baby moses, cribs and changing baskets. The Canadian based company elaborates beautiful products, some of which are even handmade by a Québécoise mother. They use natural materials such as wood, cotton, wicker and bamboo for an authentic boho look.


Mushie was born in Houston, USA, in the home of Mushie and Levi Feigenson. She is an educator and he is a marketing expert. Forced to stay in bed during a pregnancy, Mushie then sets out to find the best childcare articles on the web and quickly found that the offer was limited. Supported by a team of Swedish designers, the couple decided to embark on the design of baby items that would be beautiful, timeless, safe and of quality. Scandinavian-inspired, the minimalist design of Mushie's pacifiers, silicone baby bottles, diapers, toys and tableware sets for toddlers blend brilliantly with the entire home decor.

OYOY Living Design

Inspired by hygge, the Danish art of living, the OYOY brand is aimed at modern families. Their toys, decorative items and accessories shine with their contemporary minimalism, and are as fun as they are charming. Rooted in Scandinavian tradition, the brand's design shines through its simplicity, utility and clean craftsmanship. OYOY products add a little je ne sais quoi to one’s decor, reviving childhood memories in the process and constantly shaping new ones. OYOY creations are the fruit of the vision of designer Lotte Fynboe. The products are made with a rare attention to detail and with the greatest respect for nature.


Oli & Carol was founded in Barcelona, ​​by two sisters who were only 16 and 21 years old. Specializing in the manufacture of natural rubber toys, the brand appeals to babies and children as well as their parents. The antibacterial toys offered by Oli & Carol are handmade and thus each is unique. Today, they are sold in more than 45 countries around the world. Oli & Carol's creations are also earth friendly: the rubberized fruits and vegetables collection introduces toddlers to a healthy lifestyle, as for the origami bath toys, they help preserve the planet by making a donation to an ocean conservation organization for each purchase.


Patachou is an accessible luxury brand from Portugal that creates beautiful clothes for kids from 0 to 14 years old. They believe in making clothes in the most noble materials, making them timeless and elegant. Find all the dresses, blazers, linen pants and adorable accessories for your kids.


Designed for everyday living, Pehr creates beautiful, practical products in partnership with exceptional craftspeople and ethical manufacturers. An element of 'Playful Sophistication' was and continues to be, the lens through which all of their products come to life." Friends since they were kids themselves, Jen Kelly and Becca Perren, the founders, struggled to find a brand that could accurately reflect their shared approach to style and motherhood. Knowing that creating the perfect space for your baby is as much about you as it is about them, and with an unwavering commitment to quality, attention to detail and sustainable manufacturing practices, Pehr was born. Pehr is a female-founded, female-led company. They instinctively know the value in a woman’s touch, and are proud to work with artisans and partners whose skilled hands bring their products to life.

Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau is a French brand that has been around since 1893! 130 years of beautifully made kids clothing, made for children of all ages. Cardigans, pants, overalls, onesies, gift sets, raincoats... there is something for everybody with Petit Bateau!

Freedom. Quality. Durability. Petit Bateau.

Petit Indi

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the Mediterranean life, a combination of comfort, simplicity and unique design. All pieces are made with soft fabrics, comfortable and nice to the baby skin. Beaufitul dresses, shorts, overalls, there is something for every occasion!


Phaidon is the premier global publisher of the creative arts. They work with the world's most influential authors to produce innovative books on art, photography, design, architecture, fashion, food, and travel, and illustrated books for children. Phaidon has a long and distinguished history as an art-book publisher with over 1,500 titles in print.

Pureté du Bébé

Pureté du Bébé's mission is to guarantee the highest standards of comfort and quality combined with good taste for the needs of Baby and Children. This Portuguese brand has been around since 2011 and offer baby's essential from beanies to summer dresses and pyjamas. The beautiful details and the traditional feel are part of their brand image.

Rose In April

Rose in April is a lovely family story. Elodie created Rose in April in 2012, shortly after the birth of her daughter Rose. After working for almost 15 years in the textile retail industry, she wanted to start her own business. Why April? Because it's the name of her dog. Since 2015, her sister Eugenie joined her in this adventure. They create beautiful textile products for kids and parents, from diaper bags and baby clothes, everything is made with care and attention to detail.

Scrunch Bucket

Scrunch is designed specifically to make travelling and storage easy. Goodbye to rigid plastic buckets, balls that cannot be packed into hand luggage, dangly long fishing nets and hard plastic sand moulds – hello to rolling and scrunching, to folding and squashing those amazing products into very small spaces! Made from 100% silicone which is derived from sand, they are environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable. Squash them in your pocket, squish them into the corner of a suitcase and contribute more to the environment too – what’s not to love about Scrunch!

Studio Noos

Studio Noos is made out of love for fashion and the lack of it when it comes to mom- and diaper bags. Studio Noos makes beautiful, affordable, handmade handbags, backpacks, pouches and diaper bags for you and your little ones.

Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose makes wooden toys and decor. They handcraft their products in Grand Rapids, Michigan, using choice materials from around the Great Lakes. And yes, it’s all 100% made in the USA.


Vilac is a French that brand has been manufacturing wooden toys since 1911. The name comes from the contraction of Villet (name of the creator) and lacquer (used to color toys), Vilac works with wood by lacquering it. The brand obtained the Living Heritage Company certification in 2007, as well as that of the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park, attesting to the excellence of its know-how. Contemporary, varied and colorful, Vilac games and toys will appeal to young and old alike. There is something for all tastes, all ages and all desires. And all constituting beautiful objects that add panache to the decor of the room or the playroom of the children.


Waytoplay is a unique brand that specializes in making roads for toy cars. The roads are made out of a special material that is weatherproof and unbreakable, meaning that they can be used indoors or outdoors without any issues. This is a great brand for anyone with kids who love playing with toy cars, as it provides a way to create an entire world for them to explore. The roads are available in a variety of different sizes, so there is sure to be one that fits your needs. They can also be connected together to create longer roads, which is perfect for larger spaces. And if you need to take the roads on the go, they come in a handy carrying case.

Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery specializes in educational toys for the little ones... and the bigger ones! Their high-contrast illustrations help newborns to recognize shapes from the very first days of life. For older children, puzzles, card games and wooden toys will delight the most curious. From home decoration to baby rattles, Wee Gallery has something for everyone and every age!

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