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Dinner set - Dino Dansosaurus

$59.00 CAD
SKU KS4240-dino

Time to eat! Kids love to have their own set of plates and utensils when they grow up and parents love to know that they are eating on food-safe plates that are (almost) unbreakable! Let the kids practice their eating skills when they are young; they will be so proud of themselves to be eating just like Mommy and Daddy ! 

Jourès likes:

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Made in 100% PLA
  • Set includes: two plates/bowls, a cup, a spoon and a fork easy for little hands to grasp
  • Beautiful and funny patterns


  • Plate:191 x 35.5mm
  • Bowl: 145.5 x 43.5mm
  • Cup: 70 x 75mm
  • Cutlery L135mm

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