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Porcelain ornaments - Pack of 7

$60.00 CAD
SKU M107062-908
color: Multi

This beautiful and fine porcelain set of ornaments can be used as decoration in the children's room, which at the same time initiates lively and fantastic stories. The ornaments make a decorative element in the children's room, and have a glaze in beautiful colors. Comes in a set of 7 different figures; Billy the bird, Lucia the angel, Pluto the planet, Zorro the cat, Buster the larva, a cherry and a rainbow. They obviously can be used as Christmas ornaments, so original !

Jourès likes:

  • Beautiful porcelain figurines
  • Set features 7 adorable characters
  • Comes with a hanging cord
  • Can be used as decoration 
  • Perfect for an original Christmas tree!
  • This is not a toy. Porcelain can break if not handled gently.

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