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Lisbeth Wooden Baking Play Set - Eden Multi mix

by Liewood
$99.00 CAD
SKU LW15072-1169

Who wants muffins? Let your kid discover the joy of baking with the Lisbeth Baking Play Set. What a fun way to introduce cooking and good habits for young kids! The Lisbeth Baking Play Set encourages role play and helps children develop social skills while feeling included in the household chores. Baking has never been more fun!

Jourès likes:

  • Beautiful wooden pieces that will last 
  • Helps your child develop fine and gross motor skills.
  • Material: whisker, rolling pin, spatula, spoon, cupcake and croissant: 100% beech wood / Bowl: 100% MDF
  • Set includes: Bowl, whisker, rolling pin, spatula, spoon, two cupcakes and two croissants
  • CE marked

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