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My Little Morphée - Children Meditation Box

$149.00 CAD

Have you been looking for an easy way to calm your little ones down? Mon Petit Morphée has got you covered. Discover the whimsical music box for children by Morphée, with an intuitive design that will help them regain their calm, improve their concentration, center themselves and their emotions. 3-Years-Old+. Exclusively at Jourès in Canada!

How does it work? Easy as 1,2,3.

1- Choose the theme.

2- Select which calming location they want to travel to (forest, beach, island…)

3- Choose the duration of the calming session. 

Jourès likes:

  • With more than 192 variations of sounds, meditation sessions and music, there’s something for every little child.
  • Easy to use for a kid.
  • Beautiful retro radio design that will fit right in any kid's bedroom.
  • Comes with a USB cable to charge, so no need to look for batteries!
  • Available in French or English.

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