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Organic Cuddly Toy Teether - Rust

$28.00 CAD

A comforting toy for the little ones. The maple wood ring is perfect for little growing teeth and the cuddly toy will offer comfort. The cuddly toy can be used loose when the child has grown up and can be used as a napkin, handkerchief or even as a swaddling blanket for favourite dolls. The cuddly toy is hand-dyed with plants.
Care instructions : Untie lovey from wooden ring and machine wash fabric on cold cycle. Air dry or tumble dry at low temperature.

Jourès likes:

  • Each product is unique

  • Naturally dyed with plants

  • Organic or sustainable cotton and bamboo
  • Ring made from Canadian Maple wood

  • Slow production with low water consumption
  • Designed and made in Montréal, Canada

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