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Raincoat - 4Y to 6Y - Herbier

$199.00 CAD
SKU A09W104060

Rain, rain, go away! Or stay, we love playing in the rain! Kids need to stay warm even in rainy weather, so we found the perfect raincoat for your little ones! This raincoat from Petit Bateau is partially made with recycled material, how amazing is that! We love the practical and neat details: the ribbing at the bottom of the sleeves and the zipper closure with velcro tabs to keep the cold air out.

Also available in Toddler Sizes

Jourès likes:

  • Ideal for rainy weather thanks to its water-repellent material.
  • Available in 6 colors
  • A useful and classic gift!
  • The iconic Petit Bateau's stripe lining is knitted in organic cotton.
  • Over 40% of this raincoat is made of recycled material, produced by recycling plastic or textile waste.
  • By choosing this product, you support Petit Bateau's commitment to the save the planet.

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