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Silicone safety corners - 4-pack - Bark

$29.00 CAD

Every parent knows that baby's first steps come with a load of new challenges. Running around the house for toddler who can barely walk on their own can be stressful. Not to mention that kids are mostly at the same exact height as the sharp table corners when they start to walk around! This is why Jourès found these amazing silicone safety corners from Konges Slojd. Simply stick the flexible corner on your table and feel less stressed about a sharp corner getting in your kid's eyes. 

Jourès likes:

  • Pack of 4 flexible silicones safety corners
  • Available in 3 beautiful colors
  • A great baby shower gift idea
  • Made with 100% silicone
  • CE certified according to the European standard EN-71-1

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