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Soline Frill Swim Shoes - Size 22 to 29 - Barbados Cherry

$59.00 CAD
SKU KS4258-23

The Soline Frill Swim Shoes are flexible children’s beach sandals free from harmful chemicals. They are perfect for the beach, because of their stretchy fabric that protects against the sun’s UV rays with the highest ultraviolet protection factor, UPF 50+. That's not all! Have you seen the little whale under the sole? Ask your little ones to look behind them on the beach as they leave some adorable drawings in the sand! We love how easy it is to put them on and take them off. Kids can easily slip their feet or take them off quickly, which is always a big victory for both parents and kids!

Jourès likes: 

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to take on and off (perfect for the beach and the pool!)
  • Highly flexible
  • The lovely whale print under the sole
  • Get the whole outfit! Shop the Soline Swimsuit in Barbados Cherry
20 - 21 12,7 cm 5.0 in
22 - 23 14,0 cm 5.5 in
24 - 25 15,3 cm 6.0 in
26 - 27 16,6 cm 6.5 in
28 - 29 17,9 cm 7.0 in
30 - 31 19,2 cm 7.5 in

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