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The Keepsie - Universal Pacifier Holder

$13.00 CAD
We found it. The only (and we want to emphasize this) THE ONLY pacifier holder that you will ever need.

The Keepsie™ is a patented one-of-a-kind pacifier cover for the "hard-to-cover" pacifiers with attached plush animals, loops, tabs and pacifier clips. The first of its kind, it is compatible with the WubbaNub®, Soothie® pacifiers and so many others !

No more dirty pacifiers. Simply attach the pacifier holder case to your tiny one's favourite pacifier and know that if it falls on the floor, it won't be covered in crumbs, hair, rocks or dust.
Jourès likes: 
  • Compatible with most pacifiers available on the market.
  • Designed by a mom
  • Chemical and BPA free 
  • Secure snaps to make sure you don't lose any precious cargo

Here is a video of how to use The Keepsie: 

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