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Wooden Musical Set - Dino

$99.00 CAD
SKU KS1487-Dino

Ready for a music jam with this adorable music kit? Made of 100% FSC-certified wood, the set includes a tambourine, castanets, maracas and a xylophone with sticks. This beautiful Wooden Musical Set will help develop your child's fine motor skills and challenge them. It comes with its own little suitcase, so every music session ends on a good note.

It's both beautiful and practical; which we love at Jourès. Use it as a decoration for the nursery and let them play music again and again!

Jourès likes:

  • Suitable for kids aged 3 years and up
  • Made with 100% FSC-certified wood
  • Suitcase dimensions:
    Length: 25 cm.
    Height : 17,5 cm.
    Width : 8 cm.
  • Clean with a damp cloth (30 °C)

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