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A Dream Dinosaur Room for your Baby Boy

A Dream Dinosaur Room for your Baby Boy

Is your little one fascinated by dinosaurs? Why not create a dinosaur-themed dream room for him? Give him this magical place where he can have lots of adventures during the day and go to bed in a playful setting. Plus, decorating the room is also an opportunity for parents to have fun, right? Let's go for ideas and find various pieces to create an original decoration.

The cutest dinosaur mobiles

Who said dinosaurs were big, scary beasts for a baby's room? Today's dinos have a soft, cuddly, fun look that's just right for watching over an infant! Mobiles awaken children's senses.

Knitted animals for baby - Liewood

Knitted animals for baby - Liewood

Dino wall decorations for a soft atmosphere

Funny, tender, stylized, colorful... Dinosaur posters are among our favorites! To display them, the frame is a classic, but sticks are definitely the most trendy solution these days. To create a softer and more muffled atmosphere, we also love wall mats or any beautiful wall decor.


Dinosaur decoration

Growing up with baby

Every parent knows that our babies grow up way too fast. A tip? Put a measuring tape in place that you can use as soon as your baby takes his first steps. And to make sure that the size is taken correctly, there's nothing like a team of dinos to keep an eye on things!

Dinosaur toys: everything your little explorer needs

Let's go see the T-Rex, the stegosaurus and his other friends! With his teething camera, his dino fishing game or his wooden puzzle, your little one is ready to live many unforgettable adventures!


Sebastian wooden fishing game - Liewood

Sebastian Wooden Fishing Game - Liewood


Preparing the baby's room before his arrival is often one of the favorite steps for parents. It's also a great way to put a little bit of "substance" before his arrival. With dinosaurs, feel free to use your imagination to personalize your little one's room with this timeless theme. If you're looking for more ideas around the theme, visit our dinosaurs collection page.

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