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Chinese New year: stock up on gift ideas for the Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year: stock up on gift ideas for the Year of the Tiger

Choosing the dominant color of the baby's room is not so easy. If you want a neutral, warm, exotic, original vibe AND your baby was born (or will be born) in 2022 in the middle of the Year of the Tiger 🐯 according to the Chinese calendar, stop right there! The tiger baby room is for you! Plus, kids love this colorful world filled with wild animals. We'll take you with us to discover the sign of the tiger and the most beautiful gift ideas. Let's get started.

2022: the year of the Water Tiger

Your little one was born (or will be born) between February 1, 2022 and January 31, 2023? Welcome your little tiger or tigress 🐯 according to the Chinese calendar.

The tiger represents strength and bravery. People born under the sign of the tiger are said to be courageous, competitive, unpredictable and confident.

Moreover, each Chinese sign is associated with an element: wood, earth, fire, metal and water. It is also said that the zodiac sign of the year is influenced by the energy of its element. So 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger. The Water Tiger is the one who shows great wisdom and magnetism. He is fluid, he likes communication, speech, mobility. But beware of the tsunami! Water is of great strength. It is as calm and peaceful as it is overwhelming and unstoppable. Does it speak to you?

Some celebrities of the sign of the tiger

For fun (and because really, we all like to know) went to find some famous Tigers 🐯 Lady Gaga, Leonardo Dicaprio, Penelope Cruz, Robert Pattinson, Rafael Nadal or even Victoria Beckham.

As for the celebrities who are Water Tiger, we find: Tom Cruise, Demi Moore as well as Jon Bon Jovi.

Stylish gifts in tiger colors

In addition to being a strong and promising sign, the tiger is a beautiful theme for the decoration of the baby's room. The idea here is not to put tiger fur prints everywhere but, rather, to bring in a few subtle touches here and there to create a warm and successful atmosphere. If you've already spent a little (a lot 😜) of time on pinterest, the tiger goes perfectly with the savannah theme - so trendy these days. 

The carpet that roars

Tiger carpet

Rug - Tiger - Konges Slodj

A mat on the floor immediately provides warmth and comfort. It will also be his number one play area as soon as he starts to crawl. And why not add a few cushions for a reading corner when he's older?

 The cute wall decoration

Tiger Wall Rug

Tiger Wall Rug - OYOY Living Design

It immediately adds extra style to the room. The textile wall poster from OYOY Living, for example, adds substance and color.

The tiger invites itself to the meal

Placemat - Roar - Konges Slodj

For all of our foodies, why not give them a taste of life with a rooor placemat or a cute tiger bib? Fun and roaring guaranteed!

Muslin with character

Essential of birth, these sublime muslins decorated with tigers will accompany and protect your baby during the first years of his life.

Muslin Square - Tiger - Pack of 3

Muslin Square - Tiger - OYOY Living Design

Give your little one a personal touch by celebrating their inner tiger! Want more? Check out more tiger-themed gift ideas.

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