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How to make a safari decoration work for a neutral baby's room?

How to make a safari decoration work for a neutral baby's room?

What if decorating your baby's room was also an opportunity to have fun? Playful, colorful and fun, the safari room (with its many jungle animals) stimulates children's imagination, and is suitable for both little girls and boys. Zoom on the best decoration ideas for a successful safari room.

Your essentials for a safari room

Welcome to the savannah! Here is a room that will encourage your baby to be active, curious and creative, and whose decor will easily grow with him.

The Safari Collection - Jourès Canada

The Safari Collection - Jourès Canada

Wall decorations

To create a "wild" atmosphere, start by dressing the walls of the room with friendly animals. Tiger, lion, giraffe or leopard from OYOY Mini, let them watch over your baby.

Wall Rugs - Safari Collection - Jourès Canada

Wall Decor - OYOY Mini

Wildlife trophies

Add some playful touches to your baby's room decor: think plushies, but also soft pillows and straddle pads. Yeehaw! What could be more fun than riding a lion or an elephant?

Elephant and Lion cushions

Erik elephant - Ride on Beanbag - OYOY Mini

Green plants

You don't think about it at first, but a few green plants here and there will immediately sublimate your decoration. If you don't feel comfortable having a real plant in your little one's room, why not opt for a fake green plant? There are some really nice ones out there. Whether you add a tree, hanging plants, etc., you are guaranteed a beautiful result.

A safari carpet

Ideal for rolling around in, reading stories or simply diving into an imaginary world without limits, rugs from Oyoy Mini or Konges Slodj immediately bring warmth and life to a room. Which one will you choose?

Tiger Rug - OYOY Mini

Lion Rug - OYOY Mini

Objects of exploration

To finalize the decoration of the room of your baby, think of putting some pretty accessories safari as a mobile, a rattle, an ark of awakening or a puzzle with the effigies of animals of the savanna.

Long live textiles with natural materials

When it comes to textiles, we love natural materials - even more so in a safari bedroom theme. We especially love skin-friendly materials like 100% organic cotton with savannah patterns and soft colors.

The safari room lends itself to a warm and neutral decoration, which gives pride of place to soft materials: carpets, plush, wood, etc. Have fun!


The Safari Collection - Jourès Canada

The Safari Collection - Jourès Canada

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