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Piet Wooden Weather Station - Eden mix

by Liewood
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SKU LW15105-1169
What's the weather today? Kids can now pretend to be Miss or Mister Weather with this beautifully made Piet Weather Station. We love the painted beech wood and the easy-to-read metrics on the board. Kids can turn the knobs and dials to reflect the current temperature, wind, rain, or sunny skies. A fun way to learn about the weather and decide what to wear consequently.

Jourès likes:
  • Material: 100% beech wood and 100% elastic string
  • Five movable parts: turn it, slide it, switch it!
  • Easily hangs on the wall with keyhole hangers or display on a shelf
  • CE marked
  • Dimensions: D:1,5 cm / 3/4 in, H:32 cm / 12in, W:25,5cm / 10 in

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